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How To Top Up Your Machines Hopper.

  1. Enter refill mode
  2. Insert and turn refill key – Machine displays amount required to top up the hopper
  3. Make a note of the refill meter readings located on the top right of the machine
  4. Refil £1 coins therough the coint slot – The amount required to top up the hopper on centre display will reduce with each coin refilled therough the coin mechanism.
  5. Check refill meter has moved – If not, or the top up amount required is not reducing, check: the refill key is turned, check for jammed coins and that coins are not in the payout tray – place a service call if required.
  6. Record refill meter reading when finished – Make a note of the refill meter readings when you have finished inserting coins.
  7. Check amount refilled agrees with reading – I.E. £20 to top up hopper.  Meter reading at start 05540 meter reading at finish 05740.  200 divided by 10p unit = £20


Quiz Machine will not take coins.

This is one of the most common calls we receive after “not paying out”

Modern Quiz machines (SWPs) are computer based; nearly all of them run some form of Windows operating software, and just like your PC at home, they freeze up and stop responding.

The best solution to this is a simple.


  • Turn the power off
  • Count to 10
  • Turn the power back on.


This will fix most coin handling or frozen touch screen problems.

But if the problem reoccurs just give our service line (01299 827559) a call and one of our trained engineers will attend site.

More FAQs coming soon.


If you have any questions you would like answering, please contact us and we will, first answer your question and then, secondly, add it to our list of FAQs.

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