A Brief History

Gaming machines are defined by the Gambling Act of 2005 as a machine that is designed for use by individuals to gamble with a chance of winning a prize.

Generally gaming machines are of reel based type. They can also be known as fruit machines, slot or jackpot machines and one armed bandits.

The first gaming machine ever to have existed was made by Charles Fey. Fey, a mechanic invented the Liberty Bell in 1895, and it quickly gained huge popularity. The original Liberty Bell slot machine can still be seen at the Liberty Belle Saloon & Restaurant in Reno, Navada. Charles Fey rented his machines to saloons and bars based on a 50/50 split of the profits!

The popularity of gaming machines spread around the globe and were mainly found in bars. O.D. Jennings, who ran the Industry Novelty Company, replaced the card symbols with pictures of fruit and rebranded the machine as a chewing gum dispenser! The legality of the gum dispenser was often disputed in court, but the manufacturers usually won.

The first electric machines were electro-mechanical, which made pulling the handle of the machine less satisfying! The electromechanical machines were replaced in the 1980’s by microprocessor.

Gambling in general is more accepted today; for example most countries now have a National Lottery.

Amusement With Prizes – Category C

  • Max £100 jackpot
  • Max £1 price of play
  • MGD payable
  • Notification of a ‘Cat C’ is required with the local council
  • Played by 18 years and over only
  • Located in pubs, members clubs and betting shops etc

DOND Bankers Offer

  • Select Stake – Higher stake gives more prizes
  • On maximum stake trail turns red giving enhanced outcomes.
  • Activate extra zones to shoot at higher prizes
  • Gain shots from the “Add Shots” squares to shoot at improving zones
  • Red links in the matrix give a ramp up on the Deal or no Deal LED’s
  • Landing on a box square adds to “Streak Matrix” in red or blue

Fruit Machines (Cat D)

A gaming machine with a 10p/20p stake and a £5 cash prize/£8 non cash prize, this allows any age group to play.
  • Max £5 Jackpot
  • Max 10p price of play
  • 5% MGD
  • Notification of a Cat D required with the local council
  • Playable by any age group
  • Can be situated in any venue