Tournaments Explained

FMS, in association with Games Warehouse, offer a National, Local and In-House tournament.  This gives a more enhance player experience on SWP/quiz machines.


  • National Tournament – The national tournament has been established for over 10 years, with a regular prize fund of £8,000.  Periodic prizes have included 42” plasma televisions, IPod 2’s and even holidays.


  • Local Tournament – ORT “Operator Run Tournament – FMS operate a local tournament which is exclusive to FMS customers only.  Although a smaller prize structure the chance of winning is much higher.


  • In-house Tournament – This is a tournament which is exclusive to the venue location of the swp/quiz machine.  Prizes are paid to the top 3 highest players.  The prize fund increases in conjunction with plays.


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We offer:
CD Juke Boxes
Digital Audio Juke Boxes
Digital Video Juke Boxes
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FMS has a second to none service. If you have a FMS machine then expect to be treated the way you want. Find out what we can do for you.
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