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Are you ready for MGD (Machine Games Duty)


With MGD now in force from February 1st 2013, anyone responsible for premises from which machine games are provided for play must register with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for the new tax by January 1st 2013. The persons responsible for such premises will typically be someone who holds a relevant machine game licen or permit, or operator; although this wont always be the case.

MGD Online Registration Service, is a secure quick and easy way to register. It will provide an immediate onscreen acknowledgement that HMRC has received your application.

Category B3A and Pull Tab vending are the only gaming machine that will be exempt from MGD.


The best place to start is the HMRC registration site.

HMRC’s MGD online service can be used by those responsible for premises from where machines games are provided for play, or their agents, to register and de-register, as well as make changes to the information they gave during initial MGD registration.


Customs have advised that once MGD has come into force, anyone wishing to take on responsibility for premises will have to register for the duty before machine games are provided for play there.

According to HMRC data, there are around 260,000 gaming machines in the UK, with approximately 190,000 currently subject to AMLD. The department extimates that approximately 42,000 business with dutiable machine games will be impacted by MGD. Those figures show quite clearly that Customs will have a significant task on its hands processing what is likely to be a substantial weight of registrations between now and January 1st 2013.


Note: HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) could levy a penalty if you provide machine games for play before your registration is fully processed and your details entered on the MGD Register.


Useful links:

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